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Quest is the greatest adventure

Enjoy a brilliant opportunity to have a high time with your friends, doing puzzles, discovering the city, and challenging yourselves!

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You've been dreaming of being smarter and faster than others
Learn a city's secrets ordinary citizens will never know
Learn each other's motivation and work as a coherent team
Cherish unforgettable moments after pushing beyond your comfort zone

What is Dozor?

An exciting adventure where teams explore a city by car, solve logic puzzles, look for hidden codes, and broaden their minds.

Cast magical spells like Harry Potter, become Sherlock Holmes's hand, and save the world like James Bond. All at the same time. Every game follows its own storyline.

Our quests involves physical activity and mind-challenging puzzles, it's a place for getting to know each other and for networking in an adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine fueled space
To solve the riddles, you will not need a background academic knowledge. The only things that matter are audacity, creativity, and out of the box thinking.

During your quest, you will face various tasks: general-topic, logic, Wikipedia lookups, and some advanced knowledge. But the harder the task, the greater the joy will be when solved!
New places
You can live for 15 years or more in your hometown and not even know that the bridge has a grand history of an underground path from the first-guild merchant's house. Discover new places that have always been close to you but you never knew they'd been there.

By solving riddles, players explore the unknown and unexplored side of the city, along with its secrets and noteworthy facts. Do you want to become an expert? It's a piece of cake. Do you want to become a level 59 expert? Challenge accepted.
DozoR is the way to establish new social connections, network in a non formal environment, and make friends with interesting people.

Not to mention how many love stories and marriages we contributed to...
Role-playing tasks
After the game, you will definitely want to share your courage-filled story to others. Even with your boss.
Numerous awards await each winner in many different categories. We give prizes for the fastest task completion time and other achievements along your quest.
Besides the game itself, we host award ceremonies, play soccer, and go to the movies together.

We have realized that interesting people should gather and join a common quest.
What is a quest?
The game consists of 7 to 10 tasks
Each task is linked to a place where will find the codes. The players need to solve the riddle in this place and find the code. And the main mission is to complete all the levels faster than other teams.

The riddle answers can be easily googled, but gumption, creative and offbeat thinking will be your friend.

What players will do:
  • solve mind-boggling riddles;
  • complete exciting tasks;
  • visit uncommon places;
  • learn the history of their city

    More than a game

    The players join community: the union of people with healthy relations and proactive attitude.
    The union of new-pattern, give-and-take, open, trusting and trustful, positive people.

    Become an expert of your city

    1. Gather friends
    Invite your friends to share the joy of the adventure.

    Need players? We got you covered.

    Just contact us and we'll find you some teammates and competitors.
    2. Sign-up
    Come up with the team name — e.g. Coin Raiders, Five Plus One, and sign up on our website.
    Come to briefing
    At the beginning of each game, we hold a briefing during which we will inform the players about important nuances and features of your quest.

    Just three things

    to start your adventure
    From 2 to 5 friends
    Takes you from one place to another
    Receive riddles and solve the riddles by giving your answers


    The price per person amounts €10 - €20
    depending on the city

    DozoR in facts

    years of hardworking on establishing Europe's greatest city quest network
    consistent in-housegame system, automated to every single detail
    thousands of games.
    Every game is
    a unique event
    millions of players. It equals the total population of Munich and Barcelona put together

    Live a full life

    play DozoR
    Start your adventure