Yes, I would like to play


How long does the game last?
Usually, a game takes 3 to 4 hours.
Games take place twice a month on Saturdays, from 6 pm to 10 PM.
Time frames may change depending on the city.
Is it a one time only game?
We host games biweekly.
Each game has a new topic, new tasks, and new places.
No one gets bored — it's guaranteed
What outfits should we wear while playing DozoR?
Any comfortable clothes not restraining your movements
What do we need in order to play?
Your phone with an internet connection and a car to move around the city.
How will you receive the tasks that should be done?
Our game system will enable you to see all the tasks and hints and enter codes. All the images, videos, bonus tasks, and other good stuff are found on our game system.
What is all this for?
Just because the adrenaline rush, exciting tasks, two dozen people, the joy of "got the code!", in the cars again, waiting for the next task...
The heart beats faster, and the desire to play is enormously high.

Just because this weekend is not a boring pint-in-a-bar thing, but cooperating with friends on a common and breathtaking adventure.

Just because on Monday, you do not whine about your hangover headache, but share fond memories about your experience.

Just because your friends who know nothing about it look at you as if you were mad, but you will notice the hint of envy in their eyes.
Example of riddle
Here is an example from one of our game:

A strange vision Magdalena had - a mighty knight, at whose feet were dragons and an elephant, and in his hands he held a great weapon. That knight stepped down from his seat, turned 180 degrees and went along the path; passed a high crossing and stopped at the signs on the fence.

The solution is very simple - those who live in this city know that the mighty knight with great weapons is a statue of Arjuna (also known as The Archer).

The task is to follow the description to search for the code - from the monument turn 180 degrees and go along the road over the bridge till the fence with graffiti.

More examples are here
I would like to play, but I don't have a team
There are always great people ready to let other interesting people join their team.It will be a pleasure for us to help you find teammates.

Maybe that will be the beginning of a great friendship.

Seven reasons to play

If you still have the questions "why?"
Alternative option
We are convinced the foremost reason why people play DozoR is their aspiration for active leisure instead of dull Saturday night bars or at-home TV time. Some love to let steam off in a gym, and some look for more exciting amusement.
DozoR is action. Do you know any other kind of sports which combines running, jumping, climbing, bending, squatting, and swimming. Who would offer skiing in summer? Or flooded-basement hockey? The key is that you never know what awaits you today.
Broaden your mind
The game not only takes place in the home city or region—which is worth your time to try sometimes—but also in other cities. If this is not a great reason to explore your homeland, we don't know what is. Russian people would agree that their Russia-sightseeing trips are very worn-out, including southern cities, Saint Petersburg, Karelia, the Golden Ring... Could anyone come up with an idea to explore another city without an ordinary reason like a business trip or family visit? These are such unplanned journeys what let's you see your own hometown in a different light and compare it to other cities.
Explore the city
Are you sure you know your hometown well? What about its history? Virtually any player can easily recall the first digits of some city's coordinates, the longest or shortest street, which street has 100+ houses and which has only one.Every day you pass by lots of worthwhile places in your city — ruins, lanes — without knowing what it is. What if you looked at the city from a different angle and at different times?

DozoR community quest takers often swim like a cork in the city — way better than taxi drivers—and know where to cut the road or come around a long-red traffic light. Not every guide can show the city as intriguingly as a DozoR player could.
Boost your thinking
Do you fear math with its integrals and numbers? Can you tell the difference between dozens of color shades? Quite often, the task requires digging into and mastering topics you were shying away from. Curiously enough, adrenaline is a catalyst, and your brain starts working better in an extreme urgency.. Mind training is one of the benefits of what DozoR provides. To stimulate your weary mind worn down by everyday routines, it is always good to stimulate your brain with different stimuli. Why not immerse your mind with something fascinating?
DozoR is a team game which unites congenial, active, and intellectual people. Maybe this is why teammates become close friends, almost a family. One can always meet new interesting people of all ages with various interests.
We do not know the exact number of couples who fell in love and who met each other during the game, but we know thousands of them. Falling in love with a beautiful, well dressed and nicely made up girl is good, but the special spark of a teammate girl during your common adventure is a different story. Maybe this is what makes couples met each other at DozoR that makes it close and intimate.
Last but not the least, and the biggest reason to play DozoR is the rush that you feel while playing it. This rush is are like a drug, it's a lifestyle, and new way of thinking. No one can adequately describe what the players feel during the game. A newcomer would not know what the words "adrenaline", "drive", and "extreme" mean in the context of the adventure. They have to feel it themselves. By the way, the next game will be pirate-style! Now ask yourself this, why are you not with us yet?

Game system

All the tasks are displayed on the main tab
We show the level time and next hint time
Bonus tasks
Tasks to be solved during the whole game are displayed on the individual tab
Log in using a game password
In-game chat
Important messages from the host
Pictures and video
The task text may contain virtually anything