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Riddles, stories, experience...
To be a DozoR player is to keep a secret when asked what DozoR is. You start mincing words, telling boring Wikipedia-style stories, and then just say that DozoR is a bunch of crazy running across to different places in your city with your phone. Your friends and colleagues will definitely be puzzled, which proves you can have a great time and can't wait for the next games. No matter what the final result of your team — you'll be on board again. Saturday, night, city, and I'm here! I'm ready to listen to another legend, I'm ready to remember this night forever. DozoR is my youth, my world, my friends, and my passion. Let it be so as long as possible.


We've picked a few examples of riddles from different games.
Some riddles are simpler, some are a bit harder, but any of them can be conquered with a clever mind.
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Game Impressions
What is DozoR? High spirits, adrenaline coursing through your veins, speed, riddles, codes, new locks... Love from the first game, team, ever-supporting family that has your back not only in games but always. Dream, drive you are looking forward to from game to game. On this long-awaited night, your city and people around are tranformed. What about you? You pursue your goal, your victory! So, what is DozoR? It is another world. Your world. If you start the game, play till the end, and your team will always be with you.
Team Dot71 (Tula)
One can talk about it for a couple of hours and never repeat themselves. Or, just one phrase can ignite someone to play. DozoR is a game. DozoR is a world. It sheds a new light on a familiar city. The city falls asleep after a long business day, the street lights come on, people go home or to see their friends. And here we appear. We, the people thirsty for a challenge rather than Saturday booze. And the city awakes...but this is another city. Mysterious, unknown...
Team Holy Inquisition (Kazan - Saints Petersburg)
DozoR is not just a game. It's another life you live following your own rules. Your team is your second family: you will never be abandoned, as the team is a solid structure. Wherever you are, you are not alone, and the fire is burning in your heart.The adrenaline rushes, emotions are on edge... It's pure joy. It's freedom. It's DozoR. We don't need any other life!
Team BadBalance (Saratov)
DozoR is special relations: with your team, with places to be so played at; you can live in your city for years and not even know a great story beyond that bridge, about a bunker or underground path from a merchant's house. DozoR is when you visit your friends in another city and unintentionally look for an entry mark DR on a fence. And here is that grand feeling when you find one! DozoR is always more than just a game: you can join a team of new people who will tell you how briefings were organized in their times.
Team Zodor (Ekaterinburg)